The Ministry of Giving: Fund Your Vision by Developing Financial Leaders

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Submit must submit an online application and official copies of transcripts from every institution attended. Program Outcomes. Upon graduation from the Bluefield College Ministry Leadership program, students will demonstrate the following competencies: Knowledge of and proficiency in the terminology, theories, concepts, practices and skills specific to the field of ministry leadership.

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Effective application of your knowledge to address real-life problems with individuals, families, and groups. Knowledge and awareness of civic, social, environmental and economic issues. This includes issues related to diversity, inclusion and cultural awareness in ministry leadership.

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Ability to articulate a Christ-centered worldview and express its personal, professional and spiritual impacts on society. Jamboree Housing Corporation is a nonprofit affordable housing developer whose vision is for every person to live in a strong, healthy, sustainable community. We want to end homelessness, and transform people and neighborhoods with hope.

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Begin recording your vision in a journal with dividers sectioned off into the specifics elements of the vision you want to develop. We need you. Take time to think, read, study, listen, ask questions, pray and reflect. Sam is directly responsible for the leadership of all Life. We help you find a Greater Way to Give. Use example, metaphor and analogy. We provide options for one-time gifting, the ability to arrange multiple distributions from one gift, or to one recipient on a recurring basis.

Jamboree values quality, creativity, flexibility and innovation — all in a spirit of open communication marked with integrity, accountability and respect. Our reputation and livelihood are built to last. Explore repurposing land to generate income.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Joel Mikell is president of RSI. With more than twenty-five The Ministry of Giving: Fund Your Vision by Developing Financial Leaders - Kindle edition by Joel Mikell, Bill McMillan, Kimberly Stewart, Ben. The Ministry of Giving: Fund Your Vision by Developing Financial Leaders [Joel Mikell, Bill McMillan, Kimberly Stewart, Ben Stroup] on *FREE*.

Begin by gathering more information that will help open the discussion on your end about the potential possibilities. Roger Kinoshita, our Business Development Director, is specifically dedicated to this purpose and will handle initial inquiries with discretion. Roger is available at , or askroger jamboreehousing.

Learn more about how to offset decreased giving by increasing revenue for church ministry. Keep your church alive when costs are up and giving is down. Find new revenue for ministries and operations without selling out. Discover the possibilities that may exist for you and your church. Contact Roger today.

Have continued influence in changing the lives of people in your neighborhood and the world?

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Intentionally repurpose assets such as vacant land to create an additional income stream? When a church fully develops unused land, it preserves ministry resources and creates opportunity for long-term impact on the spiritual journeys of the people around you in very tangible ways. Sacred land is secured for a spiritual purpose well into the future.


A true collaboration with the surrounding community can energize a congregation with a renewed sense of purpose. Working to literally build something together can provide the positive influence and engagement with their community that many churches dream of. A ministry expansion project or church property renovation can create a steady stream of revenue that augments tithing and congregational offerings, as well as provide enhanced tools and even the possibility of new programs and services for ministry.

Jamboree was founded to meet the need of families and seniors for stable housing they can afford. This transforms families and seniors, giving them the tools to create new beginnings and make a difference in their neighborhoods. We bring together business, city, and social partnerships to provide services around shared goals for the common good of a community. Jamboree does so in a way that influences neighborhoods to grow with vitality.

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The ripple effect of affordable housing? Education, health, financial stability, and quality of life are improved. Homelessness, crime, blight, and unemployment are reduced. Families, seniors and those with special needs have opportunity to thrive and influence others. Jamboree collaborates with other like-minded community organizations such as churches for measurable community impact.

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We work diligently to repurpose unused or underutilized land for higher and better uses for lasting change. Schedule a partner presentation today. Corporate Dashboard. Housing Development. Resident Services. Asset Management. Properties List.