Sistema Inmunológico Emocional: Blindaje para tus sentimientos (Spanish Edition)

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Mankind is now in the midst of the suffering, pondering, and dying part in preparation for resurrecting out of the duality and separation that has ruled and governed over hundreds of lifetimes.

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Up to now individuals had to physically die in order to ascend to a higher dimension, but at this powerful time mankind is ascending while in physical body. The integration of higher more refined Light energies cannot take place with the old still in place which is why most of you are in the process of clearing old cellular energy and remaining karmic issues at this time. Arcturian Group wishes to speak of the energy changes taking place on earth. As the frequencies of earth become increasingly refined, there comes increasing chaos because when Light flows to that which is dark and heavy, it causes a reaction.

Those continuing to hold tightly to the illusions of old energy are experiencing resistance and fear as they struggle through means that no longer work, to keep the status quo. Everyone, those awake and those who are not, are experiencing the higher frequency energies, but because many do not understand what is going on, they are acting out in ways that make sense to their un-awakened consciousness.

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Negative and false beliefs are beginning to be recognized for what they are in the awareness of an increasing number of people starting to realize that they no longer agree with many of the beliefs and laws they previously accepted. People are waking up the world over and starting to question what they have been told which in turn is causing resistance and action on the part of those who thrive from everything remaining in old energy.

Hold to your center dear ones, holding the Light of truth closely within you at all times. Try not to get overly involved in the negative appearances that confront your awareness every day. Concern and worry over appearances only adds more energy to those very things. Allow false creations to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are which will happen if they are no longer fed. Much is yet to be revealed.

Let trust and truth be your shield and sword always remembering that nothing can make you less than the Divine Being that you are.


If someone were to shoot you in the heart, you would continue simply watching the show but from a different seat. You are Divine beings always have been and forever will be, for there is nothing else. This realization is your Easter. The Seer: The enslavement and exploitation of man takes place at three levels: mind, body, and soul. Even though the mirrors of humanity are distorted ones, they serve the purpose of reminding us of illusions that are still being held onto. The lessons they reflect should, therefore, be studied. At the physical level, man has been an enormously profitable resource by making him sick through an unwholesome lifestyle and then charging him to make him better through pills and other medical practices.

To get this resource of knowledge, man pays dearly with years of study and at a financial cost to support himself while acquiring it. The third stage of the strategy of controlling man is deliberately minimized.

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The control of the soul of man is done through abstract assigned value. Credit cards, for instance, are worthless pieces of plastic, unlike a bag of coins. If you gave someone a credit card a hundred years ago, it would be worthless to him unless everyone around him agrees to its value. The value of credit cards to open opportunities is merely an amazing abstract way of controlling man; a trick of the mind a card trick.

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Buy Sistema Inmunológico Emocional: Blindaje para tus sentimientos (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Sistema Inmunológico Emocional: Blindaje para tus sentimientos (Spanish Edition) eBook: José Marcos Morales Quintal: Kindle Store.

In the seemingly unrelated dream I previously explained about the bumblebee and the caterpillar, this ability to mass hypnotize everybody into agreeing to assign value to abstractions, is the caterpillar the hype everyone has been persuaded to believe. The bumblebee is the current emphasis of living a wholesome life of self-sufficiency, that will replace it.

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Beginning to unravel the web of the soul by using physical currency for physical necessities, is a step in the right direction. Create and implement a strategy towards becoming debt free and spending only what you have. Todos los que han Despertado la Consciencia, perciben cambios en su vida, entorno y medio ambiente. Durante mucho tiempo ustedes han vivido solo con dos cuerpos:. No todos pueden hacer trabajos que otros realizan, por el simple hecho de haberlo estudiado en un curso y recibido un diploma — dijo muy serio el hermano Seramita —.

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Ustedes han confundido absolutamente todo conocimiento y han hecho una mezcla incomprensible de el. Lo ideal, es la ecuanimidad, significa: estabilidad en la forma de vivir. Lo que tratamos de decirles es, que sean congruentes, en la forma de pensar, y ser. No necesitan hacer grandes misiones, ni destacarse, como un ser especial e iluminado.

Significa, que hagan lo mejor que puedan, y, de la mejor manera. Ustedes, ya tienen mucho conocimiento, ahora es el momento de llevarlo a cabo, de hacerlo una realidad en sus vidas. Basta ya, de realizaciones externas, es hora que viajen al interior de sus almas, y, encuentren las respuestas.

De esta manera, se evitan las guerras, sufrimientos, y tantas cosas que llevan al hombre, y al planeta, por caminos del dolor y la tragedia. Ya activaron el Deseo-Creador, ahora deben vivir de acuerdo al ser humano que son, y, esperar que todo se coloque en el orden establecido. El Ser Uno. Give and give oneself, without expecting anything in return. You constantly ask yourself, Why is the world how it is?

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Man has become selfish, so much that he has forgotten the evils that afflict a sick, miserable and miserable society — Have you forgotten that you live together with other beings and that they need support, help —. Generosity is the capacity that the soul, and heart, of being, carries within the spirit. It is the Awakening of Consciousness. It is the understanding of the spirit, to help others, without making distinctions of creeds, races, languages, countries. Therefore, people do not get anything, because of the misery, and pettiness, and the lack of generosity of their hearts and souls.

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Bipolarity, or bipolar disorder, is a mental illness, which causes extreme mood swings. Bipolarity is a condition, which is also known by the name, of manic-depressive illness, or manic depression.

He is board certified in both occupational medicine and medical toxicology by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. However, many of our doctors are trained in a range of other modalities, taught by other colleges; e.

Case Study 5: Beryllium Toxicity. These pioneering studies probed the pathophysiology of oxygen toxicity, diving related stresses, and mechanisms of hypoxic response in humans. We believe that environmental medicine must continue to have a patient-based arm of practice, but it must increasingly encompass newer and broader concerns, especially regarding the health of populations and public health practice.

Not to be confused with Clinical ecology Environmental medicine is a multidisciplinary field involving medicine, environmental science, chemistry and others. Environmental medicine is fundamentally different from environmental health both from a theoretical view and in its practice. Whereas the latter is a matter of.

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