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Black workers were a favorite subject: field hands, factory workers Even more scary stories for sleep-overs 4.

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Pearce, Dwight Been. Around the campfire or hiding under the covers, kids Scary Stories for Sleep-overs. Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot.

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Shane Lester. Deep in the woods of Tennessee in , an unparalleled encounter occurs. A man, a myth and the obsession to know the truth will reveal a story that will forever change the way you think about Bigfoot. Track of the Bigfoot. Since , reports of apelike giants have come from the Pacific Northwest.

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Two mysteries about Bigfoot are about to be solved. One must be kept a secret at all costs. The other must be revealed before it is too late Choosing the best spot to build requires a little forethought.

So often the need isn't realized until after the bad weather has already arrived and by then building sites are covered with snow or mud and delivery of building materials to the site is further complicated. The structure is a 3-sided building with open front. You may customize this building to include windows, a stall or even use it for farm equipment.

Before beginning this project … As with all complex projects, there are tricks to the trade.

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If this is your first attempt at building a complete structure or a post-frame structure, consult with a post-frame building professional before beginning this project to achieve successful results. The material list and instruction guide is based on building environments on the East Coast. For areas west, where snow loads and wind gusts are stronger, other engineering factors may need to be considered. For this particular project, post holes are approximately 3-feet deep.

Areas west of Mississippi may require post hole depths of 5-feet, thus requiring additional concrete mix as well. Site selection is very important for three-sided buildings. Obviously, with an open front, you want to shield the horses from the elements, especially those cold arctic winds.

Whenever possible, utilize existing wind breaks, such as trees and other buildings. Consider a site where in the deep of winter you can easily access your building by food or by vehicle. Convenience to water hydrants is a plus.

In one case recently, a horse was down and the veterinarian was unable to back up to the front of the shed with his trailer because the owners had positioned the opening of the building next to a steep embankment leading to a pond. Construction should begin on a level, elevated site. Additional post length and skirt board may be necessary to compensate for grade if the site is out of level.

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Have grade leveled by a qualified excavator if site is severely out of level. Number of different functions performed by the liver, which include breaking down red blood cells, making plasma protein and detoxification. Number of sperm a man produces in his lifetime. A healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.


Miezi das Findelkätzchen wurde als Baby, von der Mutter verlassen und kurz vor dem Verhungern gefunden und gerettet. Mit den drei Farben eine wirkliche. Miezi das Findelkätzchen (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Christa Zimmermann. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Number of egg follicles a female is born with. By puberty the majority close up and only about will ever release mature eggs for fertilisation. Distance the human heart can squirt blood. A single blood cell takes 60 seconds to make a full circuit of the body. Number of hairs on the average scalp.

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A person loses an average of 60 to strands of hair a day. But hairs are strong — a single one can support a weight of 3. A full head of human hair would support 12 tonnes. Number of atoms in the human body. To give it a more universal perspective, there are only ,,, billion stars in our galaxy.