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To focus on the details: The first problem in your recommendation is its lack of specificity. For example, take a school serving high-needs children that has achieved very high proficiency rates but shows low growth.

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Is this truly a low performing school? Should this school receive interventions and scarce Title I resources from the federal government?

Letter to the editor

Second, given the large weight you want to give to growth models, it would have been important to address serious technical issues. Top of the list: school-level, value-added scores vary greatly year-to-year—much more so than do academic performance levels. You owe your readers data on this issue. For the stability of teacher estimates, see for example: McCaffrey et al. How would you address this?

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Should states use multiple-year averages? Without such details, states simply cannot follow your recommendation.

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The third problem with this approach is the opportunity cost. For detailed instructions, see bit.

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A Litmus Test for Michael Bloomberg? Readers react to columns by Charles M. Blow and Bret Stephens about the former New York City mayor’s possible entry into the race. Readers react to an Op-Ed article about the actor Keanu Reeves’s choice of a date. A letter to the editor is a letter sent to a publication about issues of concern from its readers. Usually, letters are intended for publication. In many publications.

Most op-ed editors will respond to you within a week. The piece should be in favor of or critical of a particular position taken by the paper or described in an article.

Letter to the Editor

The letter should focus on a specific issue that was raised in an article or opinion piece. Generally, to words in three to four paragraphs are ideal. Be aware that editors receive hundreds of letters and may not respond to you immediately, if at all. You must include your name, address and daytime phone number in your letter.

A letter to the editor on the difficulties with student growth measures

Find out from your local paper the best way to send a letter. Most prefer e-mail. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

Letters to the Editor: Hey, Bel-Air aristocrats, stop mistreating food-truck operators. Yes, some L.

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The solution is to hire more workers, not berate the overworked employees. Letters to the Editor: Big government can solve climate change.

Improvements in environmental quality have been made mostly because of government mandates. Why would it be any different for climate change? Letters to the Editor: Getting to LAX on public transportation is easy; coming home is another matter. Smaller cities seems to have mostly figured out getting to and from their airports.

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Letters to the Editor: Stop implying that supporters of Prop. Studying really hard can earn you high grades, but it might not do much for you on the SAT. Colleges need to know who is both smart and studious.


The Constitution names bribery as an impeachable offense, and what Trump did to Ukraine looks a lot like bribery. Letters to the Editor: Conservatives are leaving California? Good riddance, readers say.