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Charismatic Leadership in Organizations
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First forged in the socialist movement, Mussolini's charisma assumed a new guise He acquired an aura for the third time as Fascist leader. NB this is as expanded version of a special edition of Totalitarian Movements and However, Weber's belief that at times of crisis charismatic leaders could inspire a . Did Fascism in Italy become a form of 'political religion', especially in the.

This, incidentally, was stressed as being a good thing since it gave the party decisive leadership. He was recognised by interviewees as possessing unique qualities and many stressed that he was an excellent strategist who, like Bossi, possessed a political vision which others did not.

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Several interviewees criticised the media for depicting him as being more powerful within the party than was really the case. Another said simply that:.

Finally, while acknowledging his abilities, none thought the party would suffer unduly whenever Blocher leaves politics. Or, at least, they and their followers may present the features of a charismatic relationship to very different degrees.

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As for Malcolm Turnbull, it seems likely that his ability to gain new followers within the party room depends far less on any new-found recognition of his unique qualities or undisputed authority, and far more on their belief that he might just help them to save their seats.

The article on which this post is based, Populist Leaders and Coterie Charisma, can be downloaded for free until March 15, A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

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Duncan McDonnell , Griffith University. As one put it: He is a prophet, not just a politician. Charisma is difficult to define.

Meanwhile, politicians like Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or Angela Merkel are celebrated as competent leaders, but at the expense of being seen as inspiring visionaries. Or is the issue with our definition of charisma itself? This is still vague, to be sure, but then there is a certain irreducibly mysterious quality to charisma.

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As Mirya Holman, a political scientist at Tulane University, points out, this makes it an easy cover for implicit gender biases. Download flyer Recommend to Library.

1st Edition

Description Contents Preview Charismatic leaders have proven to be remarkable change agents, able to create or reinvent entire organizations. At the same time, these leaders provide us with lessons about the greatest dangers of leadership.

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For example, throughout history, certain charismatic leaders have demonstrated a shadow side as master manipulators and purveyors of evil. Charismatic Leadership in Organizations reflects the latest thinking on this seemingly elusive yet remarkable form of leadership.