Le mythe de lentreprise (Cahiers libres) (French Edition)

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Fasterling et D. Manara et C. Roquilly, avec R. Fasterling et C. Roquilly, avec B. Carayon, V.

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Chapuis-Thuault et M. Henky, C. Jeuneux, M.

Primot, P. Schaeffer et J. Collard avec E. Hofheinz, eds.

IchetKar - Design, Identité, Édition, Stratégie de communication…

Roquilly, avec S. Cuny, C. Gard, M.

Latifi, C. Olive et C. Mebtoul dir. Roquilly , Lextenso, editions Joly, Forthcoming, july - C. Roquilly , Lextenso, editions Joly, Forthcoming, july - B. Roquilly, The French Competition Authority issues recommendations in order to ensure adequate competition in the sector of online betting and gambling, e-Competitions, No, april - C.

Fasterling, with J.

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Duhamel et C. Manara, A French Court rules that search engines are not liable for the way a company is presented in their search results, e-competitions, october - C. Roquilly et C. Roquilly, A French Civil Court considers that the leading online auctions website must benefit from the host legal statute created by the French Law for trust in numerical economy, e-competitions, september - C.

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Masson ed. Larcier, juillet , pp. Fasterling, avec J. Manara participated in the writing of the report Evolution de l'ampleur de la vente des produits contrefaisants sur Internet, a report commissioned by the ministry of the economy and available on the ministry websiteMarch - C. Collard, "Le risque juridique existe-t-il? Read more. The strategic role of the corporate lawyer is at the heart of the work done by LegalEdhec. Through its actions, it contributes to improved dialogue between corporate lawyers, to their professional development, and to boosting the visibility of the profession to the benefit of employers and the wider French economy.

This partnership came to fruition thanks to the First International Conference on Corporate Legal Performance and Culture, and through the participation of some LegalEdhec members in conferences organised by the Lille Bar.

This partnership materialised through a survey which looked at EDHEC graduates occupying management positions. This survey intended to highlight the views of these managers on the role of the legal environmental within company strategies and the activities, the types of recourse to law that companies can develop, the role of lawyers in this context, and the impact of the law on corporate performance. The results of this survey were presented at the Business and Legal Forum in October A second study was conducted and the results were presented at the 2nd edition of the event, held in Paris in November This second study focused on manager perception of the law and of lawyers.

As part of its work on legal risk, LegalEdhec signed a research partnership with the Carrefour Group. The purpose of this project was to build a method for identifying corporate legal risk and to develop risk mapping. Through this partnership, the Carrefour Group — the second largest retailer in the world and largest in Europe, with a presence in over 30 countries — has confirmed its interest in the development of a rational and responsible approach to legal risk, which it inevitably finds itself exposed to.

In the continuity of its research work conducted in partnership with the Carrefour Group, on legal risk mapping, LegalEdhec signed a new research agreement with the company Leroy Merlin. The research project aims to contribute to better identification and measurement of legal risk with regard to business strategy. LegalEdhec will conduct a study that aims to measure the adequacy of existing expertise in the region and the needs of businesses for legal services.

This study is ongoing. This project was selected by the French National Agency for Research and received three years of funding.

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The objective was to analyse the positive and negative elements of transparency within corporate governance, by studying the current effects of transparency systems which include standards, structures and beliefs on the interests of the various economic stakeholders and their respective behaviour. The team brought together expertise in law, finance, economics, strategic management and business ethics. This project, which concluded in December , resulted in publications and a conference. This particular partnership involves a long-term three years commitment; its aim is to sponsor the work of the Centre for a sustained period of time.

It can involve the endowment of a research chair, a possibility that will provide the partner with publicity in the media, in academic and professional circles, and among the students at EDHEC Business School. EDHEC Position Papers, published on the EDHEC website, deal with economic, social, and legal problems and are sent to all the relevant media as well as to policymakers in the fields of politics and economics. In these papers, EDHEC recommends institutional or regulatory improvements in an attempt to improve the performance of the French economy.

As this improvement is one of the major objectives of the newly elected president of the country, the resonance of these papers is all the greater. Companies partnering with the Centre for a Symposium or a Conference will contribute to an academic project whose repercussions will have a significant effect in professional circles. Corporate partners will benefit from visibility in all communication about the symposium and will also figure prominently in the two books planned to highlight the proceedings.

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Reflections on innovation in law and the creativity of legal professionals? Quelles nouvelles technologies pour le droit? Below is a partial list of these events, the most recent first:. Past events.

Fasterling, avec G. Demuinjck et F. Collard et P. Roquilly avec P. Roquilly et B. Quels dispositifs de lutte? Quels enjeux pour les juristes et les non juristes? Fasterling, presented paper Human rights risk management versus social risk management in workshop on Human Rights and Business, European Society for International Law, Annual Conference, septembre Fasterling, with K.

Entre cadre incitatif et dispositif contraignant. Quelles zones de risque pour les entreprises? Roquilly, Pampelune, Espagne, 8 juin Manara, Towards a "follow the money" strategy to fight against copyright infringement in Italy, Confindustria Digitale, Rome, 12 avril Manara, - Attaccare le forniture di denaro per combattere i contenuti illeciti online? Collard avec C. Collard, animation avec R. Collard, B. Fasterling, C. Fasterling, "What is ethical about complying with laws?

Collard, avec J-C. Loosdregt, B. Bury et B. Manara, Marques et noms de domaine des entreprises sur internet. Quelles interactions entre le droit et les technologies? Manara, From complex international intellectual property law to simplistic uniform policies. The bad or good? En prolongeant les analyses de Reprise CP. Mentions in - - The work done by the Centre members is often mentioned; they also write for both French and international papers.

Below is a partial list of these appearances, beginning with the most recent:. Comparative juridical studies firms and persons.