Kunz ist auch noch da (German Edition)

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Bleibt einem Jeden doch unbenommen, wen er sich zum Genossen begehrt? Drum macht ein End'! Auf, Meister!

Kunz ist auch noch da (German Edition)

In vast nocturnal horde how they all begin to croak with their hollow voices - Magpies, crows and jackdaws! There rises up on a pair of golden wings a wondrous bird: its dazzling bright plumage shines light in the breezes; blissfully hovering now and again it beckons me to fly and flee. My heart swells with sweet pain, in my need wings sprout; it soars in bold progress to fly through the air up from the tombs of cities to its native hill to the green Vogelweide where Master Walther once set me free; there I sing bright and clear in honour of my dearest lady: upwards then climbs - though Master-Crows are unfriendly to it - the proud love-song.

Farewell, you Masters here below! With a gesture of proud contempt, Walther leaves the Singer's Chair and the building. There is general confusion, augmented by the apprentices, who shoulder the benches and Marker's box, causing hindrance and disorder to the Masters who are crowding to the door SACHS Ha, what spirit!

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What glow of inspiration! You Masters, be quiet and listen! Listen when Sachs beseeches you!

Master Marker, favour us with some peace! Let others listen! Grant but that! In vain! Every endeavour is in vain! One can scarcely hear oneself speak! No one will heed the knight. There's spirit for you, to carry on singing!


His heart's in the right place: a true poet-knight! If I, Hans Sachs, make verse and shoes, he's a knight and a poet too! Ade, ihr Meister, hienied'! All' eitel Trachten! Kaum vernimmt man sein eig'nes Wort; des Junkers will keiner achten: das nenn' ich Mut, singt der noch fort! Das Herz auf dem rechten Fleck, ein wahrer Dichter-Reck! The flowery garland of fine silks - will it be granted to the knight? Between the two houses is a narrow alley winding towards the back of the stage. One house, grand in style, is Pogner's; the other, simple in style, is Sachs's.

In front of Pogner's house there is a lime-tree, in front of Sachs's an elder. It is a pleasant summer evening and during this scene night falls. St John's Day! Flowers and ribbons in plenty! Sing your silly songs alone! If you weren't so proud you'd look round - if you weren't so silly! Turn round to me! Mistress Lena! You here?

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Just look inside! That's for my dear little treasure. But first, quickly, how did the knight fare? You advised him well? He won the garland? It's a sad sory: he has completely sung away his chance! Singt allein eure dummen Lieder! Kehr' dich zu mir! Erst aber schnell, wie ging's mit dem Ritter?

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Du rietest ihm gut? Er gewann den Kranz? Da steht's bitter; der hat vertan und versungen ganz! No titbits for you! God help us! Our knight undone! She goes back into the house, wringing her hands in despair.


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How successfully he has wooed! We all heard, and saw it too: she to whom he has given his heart and for whom he would give his life - she hasn't given him the basket. Hold your tongues this minute! Every man woos as he wishes. The Master woos! The apprentice woos! There's much flirtation and cuddling!

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Buy Kunz ist auch noch da (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - keostertatader.tk Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Der Autor ist geboren und hat in München Geografie herausbringt: Krimi jetzt (vogelmedia GmbH) Kunz ist auch noch da (erscheint in Kürze bei keostertatader.tk) Kontakt: [email protected]

The old man woos the young maiden, the apprentice the old maid! David is about to fly at the boys in his temper, when Sachs, who has come down the alley, steps between them. Do I catch you fighting again? Nichts zu naschen! Hilf Gott! Unser Junker vertan! Heil zur Eh' dem jungen Mann! Gleich haltet das Maul! Da freit ein jeder, wie er mag. Der Meister freit, der Bursche freit, da gibt's Geschlamp' und Geschlumbfer! Der Alte freit die junge Maid, der Bursche die alte Jumbfer!


Treff' ich dich wieder am Schlag? They're singing coarse songs. Learn better than they! To rest! Get inside! Lock up and light a lamp. Put the new shoes on the last for me! Zur Ruh', ins Haus! Schliess und mach' Licht!

Die neuen Schuh' steck' mir auf den Leisten! I'd like a word with him. Shall I go in? David comes out of the inner room with a light and sits down to work at the bench by the window EVA He seems to be at home: there's a light within. But what for? Better not! He turns away If someone is about to risk something unusual what advice would he accept?