Creating New Life, Nurturing Families: A Womans Perspective (Called to Holiness)

Creating New Life, Nurturing Families: A Woman’s Perspective
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The sacred bond of parent and child may change over time, but it always remains. Of course, for children, obedience is part of the way they honor their parents. Authority of Parents : Parents are entrusted with a certain authority within the family. We begin by simply seeing it as a natural authority that is part of the design of God for human life. This authority encompasses many aspects of family life and is essential to the healthy unity and functioning of a family.

Creating New Life, Nurturing Families: A Womans Perspective (Called to Holiness)

Authority can be abused. When that happens it causes a certain disruption in the good ordering of family life. Authority can also be neglected, and when that happens, disorder and a certain chaos are introduced. Parental Obedience : One of the obvious responsibilities of parents is to exercise their proper authority over their children and to expect obedience from them.

Children, in turn, honor the God-given authority of parents by submitting to their direction and honoring the authority they have over them. This is good when given and received properly! Obviously there are many moral requirements that parents must make of their children. These moral requirements help to form them into morally upright people.

On the flip side, if a parent were to act in an abusive way demanding a child act contrary to the will of God, the parent has no authority to do this and causes much damage. Obedience to parents includes numerous things.


Children need to learn self-discipline and responsibility in life and that often happens through the holy exercise of parental authority. Children must also grow in respect for parents and learn to show that respect in their words and actions. Children learn to love others by first learning to love their parents. Therefore, the bond of love and honor between parent and child will have an enormous impact upon who they are and how they relate to people throughout their lives.

For that reason, parents should not hesitate to expect honor, in the proper sense, from their children. They should help to foster respect from their children by being parents who are worthy of respect. Of course all people deserve respect, but when a parent lives a truly honorable life filled with virtue and genuine goodness, this will help foster healthy honor and respect from their children. Therefore, one of the most important things a parent can do is to be a person that children truly look up to and admire as a result of their manifest virtue and goodness.

As children grow into young adulthood, their relationship with their parents will change. The obedience once owed to parents regarding normal daily living will not be necessary any longer nor will it even be helpful.

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Young adults, and subsequently adult children, need parents to expect them to slowly take more and more responsibility for their own lives. This is especially the case with all the minor things such as what time to go to bed, cleaning up after themselves, etc. It will also include more important things such as who their friends are, what jobs or careers they pursue, and the like.

Though parents may always be called on at times to exercise a certain influence in the lives of their adult children, there must be a healthy balance so that adult children can take on responsibility in their lives and build on the foundation they were given by their parents throughout their childhood. As adults, children will always be responsible to continue their love and respect for their parents. They must keep their parents as important parts of their lives, consult them and continually show love and respect toward them. This is much easier when a parent acts in the appropriate way toward their children.

This creates a tension that makes for a difficult relationship of proper honor. Parents are entrusted with the love and care of children as they grow. They must take care of their basic material needs as well as their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. But there will come a day for most parents when they can no longer take care of themselves properly due to their old age. When that happens, it is primarily the duty of adult children to care for their parents. This includes all the same needs mentioned above: material, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Yes, society as a whole has a certain responsibility toward the elderly such as healthcare, financial support such as social security , etc. But the primary responsibility falls on adult children as a result of their duty to honor their parents. When parents are blessed with more than one child, their children also are blessed with the interaction of siblings. The natural intention of God for siblings is similar to that of parents minus the obedience part. Siblings offer each other the healthy opportunity to grow in mutual love and respect.

These family bonds offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn many basic requirements of human relationships. For example, siblings are obliged to always work toward forgiveness of each other. But God changes this into good in that He allows those moments of forgiveness and reconciliation within the family to be moments of mercy and healing. Siblings learn how to experience hurt from the sins of another and to then offer forgiveness and mercy. They also learn how to ask for forgiveness and how to receive it when they have hurt the others. Siblings cannot disown each other in healthy families.

And a good parent will help to foster reconciliation when needed. This offers a wonderful lesson for life. They learn, within the family, how to love, forgive and ask forgiveness. They learn what mercy is and what it means to have unconditional love. This is one of the natural blessings of family life as God intended it. We were made to offer and receive proper affection for one another. When this becomes distorted, it can cause grave hurt and come out in destructive ways such as sexual abuse, anger, or resentment.

But when lived well, proper family affection adds much to the healthy formation of children as they grow into healthy adults. As a child grows that affection will change, but should always be there. When offered appropriately, this affection helps to form a well-rounded young man or young woman. The scope of this reflection does not include an in-depth analysis of the role of affection offered by father and mother.

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Second, marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and his Church. He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise, and you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes. Digital Subscription. John 6. Christian egalitarianism Christian feminism Complementarianism Biblical patriarchy.

But it is worth pointing out that there are many studies that show the importance of both. Growing daughters and sons both have certain needs for the feminine love and affection of a mother and the masculine love and affection of a father. And there are many studies that reveal that those youth who lack one or the other, or receive it in a distorted way, are challenged in their affective maturity.

Christian Family Life : Jesus came to Earth and entered into our human nature.

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He did this within the context of an earthly family. Jesus loved St. Joseph and His Blessed Mother as a child loves and was loved by them as parents love. He had cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Ultimately, He sanctified human life by the sacrifice of His death and resurrection. And in sanctifying human life, He also sanctified family life.

It means that this particular family is united not only by human natural bonds, but also by the grace of God. A Christian family is one that prays together, speaks about faith and morality, practices charity and makes God the center of all they do. The Christian family is also one that acts as a unique image of the love of the Trinity to the world.

There are many levels of holiness each family may share in, just as there are many levels of holiness that individuals share in. Therefore, the closer each member grows toward perfection in Christ, the closer the entire family comes to reflecting the life of the Most Holy Trinity. The family is the most fundamental building block of all of society.

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Creating New Life, Nurturing Families: A Woman's Perspective (Called to Holiness: Spirituality for Catholic Women) [Sidney Callahan] on * FREE*. Creating New Life, Nurturing Families: A Woman's Perspective. Related This book is part of the “Called to Holiness: Spirituality for Catholic Women” series.

This is a key point to understand! As a building block of society, a society will ultimately be strong or weak not primarily because of the political system in place; rather, a society will be a reflection of the health of the families within it. If there are many strong families, society will be strong. If there is mass disunity and brokenness within many or most families, society will also begin to crumble. The cultural and political leaders of any day and age must respect the institution of the family and not infringe upon it. Laws and cultural influences must largely strive to support the rights and the health of each family.

Parents must be allowed to be parents and live their responsibilities out faithfully. Society must only intervene when there are clear abuses within a family. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. God brought Adam and Eve together and established the basis for the family. This basis is a man and a woman. Even though Adam and Eve did not have parents, God instituted at that time the principle that a man and woman would depart from their parents and family unit to begin a new family unit.

Without a man and a woman coming together in marriage, there is no family.

Catholic Family Life - A Mother/Grandmother's Perspective by Leane VanderPutten