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Caffeine Dreams

As you can see by the above internal cover image, wilson and Ruiz also have a biting humor. The Axe, from Gamayo and Cruz is a wild fantasy from the hyper-imaginative eyes of an archeologist who has made what might be the discovery of his life. This story is exciting and action packed with some serious fight scenes.

Caffeine Dreams Caffeine Dreams 03 eBook: Dale Wilson, R.J. Gamayo, D.V. Ruiz, Aposcar Cruz, Sojj, Alvah Smith, Astra Price: Kindle Store. Caffeine Dreams 03 - Read a western about how a Butcher is Turtle's best friend, an archeologist's graphic action fantasy, and a.

While Once Upon a Time in the Dark is a much bigger, ongoing project conceived by dale wilson and Bryan Glosemeyer, the first time it saw print was in Caffeine Dreams in the form of the short story, My Favorite Weapon, a reference to the Ministry song, Stigmata. My Favorite Weapon is an introduction to Jeremiah Lange, the central character in the Once Upon a Time in the Dark world — he is a studied assassin looking to take down a werewolf that he and his vampire friend, Argyle are chasing. Violence ensues and heads roll but not before Jeremiah and Argyle deal with their own issues.

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Wilson portrays his dark imagination while SOJJ really shows the potential that comic book art has but rarely displays. Your email is never published nor shared. More than 6 million Americans are barred from voting because of a felony conviction—including more than 1.

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